Commit 2a9d3b11 authored by Simon Krissel's avatar Simon Krissel
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parent 69ad1d80
......@@ -19,3 +19,6 @@ install
......@@ -5,16 +5,19 @@ CFLAGS += -g
CFLAGS += -I../../include
CFLAGS += -I../../driver/include
CFLAGS += --include=../../include/generated/autoconf.h
CFLAGS += --include=protobuf/can.pb-c.h
LDLIBS += -lpthread
LDLIBS += -lprotobuf-c
all: can_proto can_simu_transmitter
all: can_simu_transmitter can_proto
can_simu_transmitter: protobuf/can.pb-c.c can_simu_transmitter.c
can_simu_transmitter: can_simu_transmitter.c
can_proto: can.proto
protoc *.proto --c_out=.
@mkdir -p protobuf/
protoc *.proto --c_out=./protobuf/ --python_out=./protobuf/
.PHONY: clean
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