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\chapter{Personal Conclusion}\label{chp:conclusion}
The internship at the DFKI was insightful to me and, personally, I
learned a lot. The size of the data that I was working with was new
to me and presented some novel problems that I did not anticipate.
Solving these were educational. In general, I did not expect the
development to take as long as it did. This leaves me a bit
dissatisfied with the result of my internship, as I had hoped to get
at the very least some results from a preliminiary analysis. Instead,
the storage of the data took much longer than expected, as did the
visualization. This is partly to blame on the technology stack as I
did not try to the best available options, but instead often went with
my gut feeling. I am grateful that the environment in which I
completed my internship allowed such experiments as I still learned
much along the way.
Starting to build up an experiment from the ground up shows how much
work actually goes into producing scientific results. There are many
different facets to it, starting at learning the interactions with an
API over learning more and more details about a specific database
implementation, picking up some web technologies along the way while
trying to visualize intermediate accomplishments, to finally
discussing the analysis and the first implementation details of an
implementation. Most parts are actually not specific to an artificial
intelligence research facility, but instead seem like problems that
could arise in many domains that are related to computer science.
Personally, a bit more guidance would have helped. I was not the
first person to work on this topic, another student worked on this
topic in the scope of his master's thesis. He has since left the DFKI
so I could only inspect the documentation he left behind. The work he
invested, together with his written texts proved unhelpful. There
were neither references to other scientific work in the field that
could have served as a starting point, nor was there any reference to
the data he used, which might have been used as a stepping stone.
In general I was not able to find related literature easily, and as
the majority of the effort went into creating a dataset there was not
much time left to exercise an in-depth literature study.
Getting a look into a research facility proved interesting; the
setting is vastly different than the environment inside a university
of applied sciences.
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