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## Release ## Release Process
Every time a change is merged on master, the documentation is updated on s3. When we release a new version of Botpress on the main repository, it's important to update the version in `package.json` and to merge the branch once the release is done. 1. Update the version in `package.json` (optional)
2. Type `yarn version-docs` (it will update versioned docs from changes made in the `docs/` folder)
3. Commit all generated files
## Development
Any content pushed to the `dev` branch will be pushed to a special S3 bucket which can be accessed here: http://botpress-devdocs.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/versions/
It behaves exactly the same way as master, so you can open your PRs on dev first, then merge then on master when everything works fine. The branch `dev` can be deleted and re-created when necessary, so you can always start fresh from master.
## How it works
When a branch is merged on master, changes made in the `docs/` folder will be listed under the ["Pre-release"](https://botpress.com/docs/next/installation) version of the documentation. Files are pushed automatically to S3.
After the next release, those changes will be visible under the latest version on the documentation page.
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