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Update to FreeRTOS v10.0

Andreas Werner requested to merge FreeRTOS10 into master

Created by: Werner2005

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Changes since FreeRTOS V9.0.1:

New Features and components:

+ Stream Buffers - see + Message Buffers - see + Move FreeRTOS+TCP into the main repository, along with the basic Win32 TCP demo FreeRTOS_Plus_TCP_Minimal_Windows_Simulator.

New ports or demos:

+ Added demo for TI SimpleLink CC3220 MCU.
+ Added MPU and non MPU projects for Microchip CEC and MEC 17xx

and 51xx MCUs. + Added CORTEX_MPU_Static_Simulator_Keil_GCC demo to test static allocation in the MPU port.

Fixes or enhancements:

+ Cortex-M ports push additional register prior to calling
  vTaskSwitchContext to ensure 8-byte alignment is maintained.

Only important if a user defined tick hook function performs an operation that requires 8-byte alignment. + Optimisations to the implementation of the standard tickless idle mode on Cortex-M devices. + Improvements to the Win32 port including using higher priority threads. + Ensure interrupt stack alignment on PIC32 ports. + Updated GCC TriCore port to build with later compiler versions. + Update mpu_wrappers.c to support static allocation. + The uxNumberOfItems member of List_t is now volatile - solving an issue when the IAR compiler was used with maximum optimization. + Introduced configRECORD_STACK_HIGH_ADDRESS. When set to 1 the stack start address is saved into each task's TCB (assuming stack grows down). + Introduced configINCLUDE_FREERTOS_TASK_C_ADDITIONS_H to allow user defined functionality, and user defined initialisation, to be added to FreeRTOS's tasks.c source file. When configINCLUDE_FREERTOS_TASK_C_ADDITIONS_H is set to 1 a user provided header file called freertos_task_c_additions.h will be included at the bottom of tasks.c. Functions defined in that header file can call freertos_tasks_c_additions_init(), which in turn calls a macro called FREERTOS_TASKS_C_ADDITIONS_INIT(), if it is defined. FREERTOS_TASKS_C_ADDITIONS_INIT() can be defined in FreeRTOSConfig.h. + Introduced configPRE_SUPPRESS_TICKS_AND_SLEEP_PROCESSING( x ) which can be defined by a user in FreeRTOSConfig.h. The macro is called before assessing whether to enter tickless idle mode or not. If the macro sets x to zero then tickless idle mode will not be entered. This allows users to abort tickless idle mode entry before the tickless idle function is even called - previously it was only possible to abort from within the tickless idle function itself. + Added configPRINTF(), which can be defined by users to allow all libraries to use the same print formatter. + Introduced configMAX() and configMIN() macros which default to standard max( x, y ) and min( x, y ) macro behaviour, but can be overridden if the application writer defines the same macros in FreeRTOSConfig.h. + Corrected the definition of StaticTask_t in the case where INCLUDE_xTaskAbortDelay is set to 1. + Introduced configTIMER_SERVICE_TASK_NAME and configIDLE_TASK_NAME, both of which can be defined to strings in FreeRTOSConfig.h to change the default names of the timer service and idle tasks respectively. + Only fill the stack of a newly created task with a known value if stack checking, or high water mark checking/viewing, is in use - removing the dependency on memset() in other cases. + Introduced xTaskCreateRestrictedStatic() so static allocation can be used with the MPU. + Ensure suspended tasks cannot be unsuspended by a received task notification. + Fix race condition in vTaskSetTimeOutState(). + Updated trace recorder files to the latest version.

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